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Email Marketing Services For Businesses Of All Sizes

Jumppace offers stunning email marketing services for global businesses, regardless of their size, nature, and industry. Every business can ultimately derive value from this direct marketing technique. So, we bring the best email marketing services to drive more engagement, more leads, and more revenue!

Lead Generation Via Email

We run outstanding lead-generation campaigns based on valuable and compelling content for you to create your database of clientele contacts. With this strategy, we influence your target audience and develop their interest in providing their email address in exchange for access to it. This way, you can convince them to buy your product/service through email notifications.

Email List Segmentation

We build an email list segmentation that will enable your email marketing campaign to guide prospects on the sales funnel. We will help you develop awareness among your target audience and convince them to finally make a purchase. We’ll let you leverage exclusive, engaging content for various audience segments based on the recipients’ information.

Email Campaign Strategy Ideation

We create email campaigns and ensure that you get positive results. Based on our knowledge and experience, we create an excellent email strategy to target a diverse audience in your sales funnel. We can run awareness and drip campaigns, send one-off emails, develop a consistent newsletter program, or something else entirely. We’re always at your disposal to ideate with your marketing team.

Campaign Implementation & Analysis

We use email marketingWe use leading email marketing automation software, including Hubspot, Constant Contact, Drip, Sendloop, MailChimp, and more. With these platforms, we analyze the campaign's results to approach marketing in all forms. In an email marketing campaign, we properly track the campaign's overall performance to ensure appropriate communication with your target audience.

Unique Email Marketing Plan For Your Business Goals

Many aspects of email marketing exist in any given campaign. Our proven email marketing services can support a business at any phase of its email marketing strategy and bring improvement to that.

We have email marketing specialists who are skilled and knowledgeable. We have trained them to work closely with businesses. If you hire them, they will first develop their understanding of what makes your business tick and then determine various factors that make the most sense for your email campaign strategy. No two business entities are the same, so we'll design an absolutely original email marketing plan for your business goals.

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Multiple Types Of Emails Serve Different Marketing Purposes

An email for marketing purposes has several forms: a brief note, a detailed insight, a reminder, and more. Newsletters, promotional emails, transactional emails, drip campaign emails, and abandoned cart emails, among others, are some types our email specialists create.

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We create newsletters to create a regular opportunity for you to engage your potential customers and boost the number of subscribers. This way, you can also put your brand in the minds of your loyal customers for a longer time.

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Promotional Emails

We create stunning sales and promotional emails to convince your target audience to take an interest in your brand and make a purchase. We pay strict attention to the subject line, introductory sentence, graphic design, and signature to make a strong impression.

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Drip Campaign Emails

We create drip campaign emails to arrange a series of automated emails using the interaction made with the user. With these emails, you can easily guide potential customers in your database through your website and increase conversion rates.

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Transactional Emails

We create transactional emails and send them to a specific audience based on specific actions they make by visiting your website. These emails include sales emails, order confirmation emails, feedback emails, and download validation emails.

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Abandoned Cart Emails

We create these emails to remind your customers of the products/services they have considered and create an opportunity for them to make a purchase. We add the right information about the item, its benefits, or your brand.

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Services?

Our email marketing services help businesses reach their consumers in a smart way and in a way that perfectly aligns with their business's style. We use various email marketing software programs to empower business owners by giving them control over how they reach their target audience and convince them. So, partner with Jumppace; we'll assign you an exclusive account specialist who will understand your business purpose and satisfy your business needs.

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